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Leave Maggie and Catherine Questions you would like us to Test!!!!!!!   


Glow in the dark stuff!!!!!!!!!!



What's up?

from susie in michagan

Well susie the sky is up and the clouds, sun, moon, and stars are up. Thats not really something we can test.

What happens when you hit your head on a block of steal?

from iron man in indiana

 Well we really dont known because we have never gotten hit on the head with a block of steal but we are pretty sure it would hurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is It possible to crush a C.D.?

form Jerry in New Hampshire

Well Jerry it depends on what type of C.D. Like when we were trying to crush C.D.'s we noticed that justin bieber's C.D. was easiest too crush!!!!!!

Is it possible for somone who talks all day to explode because they haven't talked all day?

from Marley in Ohio

Well Marley maggie and catherine, us, went to lindsay for this question. " Lindsy what do you think of this question sent in from Marley?" asked reporter maggie.  " It depends on the person" states lindsay holly tree student and a friend of maggie and catherine's " Like I no Maggie would explode and Catherine probably would too" Well there you have it Marley it is possible for someone to explode because they are not talking just depends on the person.

Is it possible for a baby to crawl a mile?

from carly in loiusiana

We are not sure because all the babies we tried it out with wouldn't move so we are not sure.(sorry)

what would happen if justin bieber took over the world?

from Michaela in wilmington

We would all be dead!!


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